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data analytics: moving from collecting to utilising data

With Christian Buhrmann

How do you go from collecting data to utilising data to improve efficiency in your CEP operations?

There’s a ladder of data analytics consisting of steps that you need to take as a company in order to really utilise your data and realise the full value of your data-driven investments.

But you don’t have to acquire advanced machine learning tools or sophisticated algorithms. You can begin immediately by looking at the data you already have to better understand how to optimise your operational performance.

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Data analytics: Dig deeper into your operations

In this webinar, our data analytics expert uncovers how CEP businesses can optimise their operations with data analytics.

Even the simple levels of data analytics will help you discover what happened in your operational performance – such as used, unused and lost capacity, blocked chutes and recirculations – and why it happened.

In watching this webinar, you’ll learn through some practical and real-life examples how you can resolve operational challenges with data analytics insights.

You will also learn:

  • The steps to take to really utilise your data and how to move from being reactive to being proactive in your processes
  • What descriptive and diagnostic analytics are and how they can be used to improve your operational performance by telling you what happened and why
  • What predictive and prescriptive analytics are and how they can be used to understand what is going to happen tomorrow and how to prevent problems from occurring.

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