Data-driven management is about maximising the value of data and treating it as a strategic asset, using it for innovation and critical business decisions. 


When it comes to baggage handling systems, we can enhance the value of data to help drive goals such as reducing power consumption and operating with a leaner staff.

This means visualising the data from different perspectives to enable different personas within the BHS operation to do their jobs. Per Engelbrechtsen, Business Development Director at BEUMER Group explains it this way:

“We have people maintaining the asset – they need a certain visualisation of the data to tell them where errors are occurring and why. Then we use that same data to create another type of visualisation for the people operating the asset to inform them where in the system has the highest capacity, which part is consuming the most energy and so on. And then we have yet another visualisation for people managing the asset that can help them plan and schedule resources .”

All three personas gain different data visualisations to assist them in their respective roles. This is data-driven baggage management.

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