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High Capacity Baggage Systems

High speed and high capacity sortation systems quickly and accurately sort and transport baggage to the right destination on time. Baggage handling systems also play a vital part in securing fast and accurate transfer of baggage between terminals for shorter connection times and a better passenger experience.

  • CrisBag

    The CrisBag® is a tote-based independent carrier system (ICS) designed for baggage handling combining integrated screening and sortation.
  • BEUMER autover®

    The BEUMER autover® is an independent carrier system (ICS) providing accurate, gentle and reliable baggage handling and high speed transport.
  • Tilt-Tray Loop Sortation System

    The tilt tray loop sorter is a high-speed baggage sortation system, with which baggage items of various shape and size can be handled.
  • CrisBelt Conveyor System

    The CrisBelt conveyor system combines cost-effective baggage handling with reliable operation, easy maintenance and low energy consumption.

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