Loading of bagged material with BEUMER autopac®

The fully automated BEUMER autopac® efficiently handles two tasks at once: Loading and palletising of bagged material. For decades we have been a pioneer in this field with its three-dimensionally adjustable bag loading machines with telescopic heads for truck and railcar loading.

Two in one: automated loading and palletising

The BEUMER autopac® is an economic and efficient system for simultaneously loading and palletising bagged material like cement, fertilisers, and other products. In order to perfectly match your facility’s configuration, it is available in two different versions – BEUMER autopac® 2400 and BEUMER autopac® 3000 – capable of handling 2,400 and 3,000 bags per hour respectively, with or without pallets.

The BEUMER autopac® has a heavy-duty construction built to resist extreme ambient conditions, yet it is dimensioned for low space requirements. It convinces with its simple design, easy maintainability, maximum reliability, and operational safety. Constructed solely from electromechanical components, eliminating the need for hydraulic or pneumatic power stations or water-cooling, it excels with outstanding availability and efficiency – just plug and play.


Customizable loading process for the cement industry

Supported by the operator panel, preadjustment of the BEUMER autopac® is performed with just a few clicks. After the operator has stipulated the desired number of rows and layers, as well as the total number of bags, the BEUMER autopac® is moved into its initial loading position. These adjustments are supported by precise ultrasonic height measurements and maximal lateral adjustability. Now open trucks can be automatically loaded with bags directly from the packer while electronic registers ensure that the truck is neither under- nor overloaded. Manual corrections are obsolete, because the machine controls the height settings automatically. Layer calibration and equalisation are performed directly on the truck. For equalisation, the machine head presses on the underlying layer to bring it into a uniform flattened shape. Meanwhile, the next layer is already being prepared.

Various types of bag material

Depending on the bag size and aspect ratio, the machine can load bags in double patterns of five, six, and ten bags per layer. With a height to the ceiling of five metres, the maximum loading height is 3.5 metres. Gentle bag handling for various types of bag material – for example, paper and HDPE bags – is achieved through a very low positioning height. The bags are supported throughout the loading process instead of being lifted and potentially deformed, for example, by suction modules.

  • Automated loading and palletising of bagged material
  • Flexible packing patterns
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Individually customisable bag feed
  • A variety of bag materials are supported

Customer Support for the Cement Industry

Competent engineering, fast and reliable on-site service as well as optimal spare parts supply round out our offering and ensure high reliability of the systems.

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