stretch hood® A

Practical, efficient and space-saving packaging technology

How do you find an even more economical way of hooding palletised goods? By using the highly efficient and compact BEUMER stretch hood® A from the high-capacity BEUMER stretch hood® packaging system model range. It impresses with improved system performance, ergonomic operation and a space-saving format. This is BEUMER's new response to the increasing demand for machine safety and economic efficiency in the packaging industry.

BEUMER stretch hood® A
BEUMER stretch hood® A
Packaging for optimum final results

The BEUMER stretch hood® A uses an improved mode of operation to package palletised load units quickly, safely and sustainably in water-proof film hoods. This provides reliable protection for the goods against all environmental stress ensuring excellent load stability. The palletised goods are clearly visible due to the smooth surface of the transparent film. This offers excellent display characteristics for presenting goods.

Improved unwinding behaviour

The modified crimping bows on the BEUMER OptiStretch® system dispense the film to the palletised stack in a way that is even more precise. The method optimises the expansion of the film in all directions, which improves both system availability and the packaging results. The special shape of the crimping bows allows for close lowering towards the stack contour, while at the same time ensuring clean and smooth pulling over of the film hood to boost the stability of the palletised stack.

BEUMER stretch hood® A
Defined film positioning

Thanks to the use of the BEUMER multistretch system, a method for implementing a variety of packaging types, the system positions the film on the palletised load units with the greatest degree of accuracy.

Biaxial film tensioning forces

The BEUMER stretch hood® A uses biaxial stretching to combine horizontal and vertical film tensioning forces. This ensures excellent load stability, even for irregular packages and sensitive unit loads such as beverage pallets, and they keep this stability, even through multiple transshipment.

BEUMER stretch hood® A
A new dimension in personal protection

With its innovative film transport system, the BEUMER stretch hood® A removes the need for a platform - or a lowerable film feed device. This ensures a low overall height and improves safety in operations and maintenance work: For instance, the blades or the sealing bars are replaced from the floor without the person needing to climb into or onto the system. There is no need to lower subassemblies into maintenance position, thus reducing the risk of accidents and malfunctions. After positioning the film roll with a fork-lift truck or lifting equipment, the film is inserted with a few easy actions and completely without tools.

For more economic efficiency

Low-maintenance, excellent packaging capacity and short downtimes mean that the machine pays dividends in the shortest possible time. Film rolls are easily changed using a fork-lift truck and thanks to easy film feeding without time-consuming threading of the film. There is no need for a film sealing seam cooling time.

The optimised sequences of movements also contribute to improve the machine's availability. Powerful suction units combined with mechanical grippers guarantee functionally safe film handling. Energy-efficient technology sustainably saves energy costs for the drive system.

Easy handling

In terms of handling, the system impresses with a sustainably optimised work environment and system control. The system is easy to operate by the modular, space-saving BEUMER Group HMI (human machine interface) with a soft-touch panel, a graphical user interface and pictograms. The panel also gives the operator access to all the required training programs. Some of them are video-supported to achieve the best possible training effect.


  • Space-saving design, without a maintenance platform or stairs
  • Operator workplace at floor level featuring optimum ergonomic design
  • Easy and direct insertion of the film with a film transport system that is gentle on the film
  • No cooling time required for the film sealing seam
  • Energy-saving drive technology
  • Intuitive operation via a soft-touch panel

At a

Stretch hooding benefits at a glance compared with stretch wrapping:

  • Increased load stability due to vertical film forces
  • Reduction of product loss due to theft
  • Product ventilation and printing of film possible
  • Well suited for AGV or automated high-rack systems
  • First class weather protection from 5 or 6 sides
  • Up to 10 times fewer film replacements increase system availability and minimize operator interaction
  • Absolutely clear film improves product presentation and brand recognition at point-of-sale or in transit and positively impacts consumer buying behavior
  • High capacities of up to 200 pallets per hour possible
  • Outstanding bar code readability due to no overlaying film bands
  • Precise budgeting due to exact film consumption
  • Fully recyclable film

Stretch hooding benefits at a glance compared with shrink hooding:

  • Increased load stability due to vertical film forces
  • No heating of film - reduces the risk of fire and potentially minimizes insurance rates
  • Reduction of environmental stress due to over 30% less film and >90% energy savings
  • Higher flexibility of handling various product sizes
  • Sound level < 75 db (A)
  • Reduced maintenance
  • High capacities of up to 200 pallets per hour possible
  • Choice of operating with 5- or 6-sided protection against external impacts
  • No sprinkler system or additional cooling system for ambient temperature required
  • No lamination between primary packaging and /or product with transport packaging film
  • Fully recyclable film

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