Elara Digital GmbH is a tech startup located in Berlin, Germany. Co-founded by Dominik Adamowski (CTO) and Akram Alraai (CEO) and incubated at Beam Berlin.

In manufacturing industries, there is a huge gap between the status quo and industry 4.0. Shop floor workers are still using pen and paper and Excel sheets to document recurring maintenance or simple repair tasks. This leads to several unpleasant side effects like factory know-how are bound to a specific person, inefficient accessibility of relevant documents during an unplanned downtime, and unreadable documents with no easy way to retrieve the written information. In addition, current software solutions are expensive and require a lot of customization.

We are building a cloud-based application for maintenance teams within manufacturing companies to simplify shop floor operations. Elara enhances the entire shop floor productivity like collaboration, know-how management, and performance evaluation through one platform. Simple, intuitive, and can be used immediately without installation.

Onboarding and the 3-month pilot phase are for free. We visit you, set up the devices, and let you do your work while ensuring that you feel productive and successful from day 1.

Contact us for a 15-min online meeting. Our co-founder and CEO will take the time for you.


Elara will help manufacturing companies reduce unplanned machine downtime to zero.

Akram Alraai
Co-Founder & CEO

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Do you have any questions?

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