Circleback is a closed-loop system for packaging through a deposit system, thus giving brands access to high-quality recycled plastic made from their own packaging.

Circleback is the first Pfand system to guarantee FMCG brands access to recycled plastic made from their own packaging.

FMCG brands must fulfill government mandates and public commitments to use recycled material in their packaging as part of the transition to a circular economy. However, the quantity of high-quality recycled plastic is insufficient to meet the growing demand because the current waste collection systems are not designed for the circular economy.

Circleback will help FMCG brands solve this problem with the first central Pfand system to provide a guaranteed supply of high-quality recycled material made from their packaging. Circleback’s new software will integrate with existing Pfand machine hardware and recycling service providers to close the loop on plastic packaging. We will collect packaging by incentivizing consumers to return it via existing Pfand machines in German supermarkets. Then we will oversee the recycling of single-use packaging into high-quality recyclate and provide exclusive purchasing rights to participating brands.

Our entry point in the FMCG market is cosmetic packaging. After establishing ourselves in the cosmetics packaging sector, we will continue towards our vision of a new life for every package by expanding to include the massive food packaging vertical and the fast-growing reusable packaging vertical.


We want to offer companies of all sizes a way to retain ownership of their own packaging material through the recycling process because this incentivizes them to design packaging to be recyclable.

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