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Sectro self-service security screening

BEUMER Group's Sectro system is a fully automated passenger and carry-on baggage screening system design. The solution enhances the airport security screening process to significantly improve the passenger experience while reducing the number of operators needed.

By reconfiguring passenger flow and terminal layout in both new and existing airports, the Sectro solution transforms the screening process from a linear to a parallel system by centralising functions logically together.


Passenger security screening areas at airports can be a source of frustration for airport operators and passengers alike.

An automated system with self-service security screening can help improve the passenger experience and deliver major operational efficiencies for airport operators. With use of automation, the airport security screening processes can be reconfigured in a centralised system layout to provide optimum passenger flow and terminal layout.

A modern passenger security screening flow can take full advantage of the latest baggage automation technologies to optimise operations and enhance the passenger experience. BEUMER Group can replace outdated manual procedures with an automated and centralised system that includes biometric recognition and digital twins – a solution that fits seamlessly into the modern airport environment.




BEUMER Group’s Sectro system is a fully automated passenger and carry-on baggage screening system design. The solution reconfigures the passenger screening process from a linear concept to a parallel process by centralising functions logically together.


When entering the security screening area, passengers will divest their baggage at one of the self-service stations. A touch screen guides them through the simple procedure to connect their biometric data with their baggage.

The baggage is automatically routed to a centralised system for screening. Images from the scans are fed to the remote control room. Once both passenger and carry-on baggage have been cleared, the passenger is directed to a self-service reclaim station, where their belonging will be delivered using the passenger’s unique biometric ID as reference.

If the automated baggage screening raises any issues, the passenger is instead directed into a re-check isle, where operators will be waiting to assist. Providing a separate, dedicated recheck area prevents any delays or bottlenecks for passengers moving through behind.

With its parallel process design, the Sectro solution system is capable of screening the same number of passengers per hour as in traditional serial flows, offering a much more modern passenger experience and a 30% reduction in labour requirements.

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  • Modular system handles peak loads, reducing pax wait times
  • Reduces labor by 30% with high automation
  • Spacious self-service areas and automation prevent bottlenecks
  • Modern scanning system boosts security

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