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Supervision - having the complete overview

For professionals working with operations and maintenance, the supervision of the system and the processes follow a “work from anywhere” concept. This includes the integration of a traditional SCADA overview, 3D visualisation, a live items overview and integration of CCTV.


BG Fusion is a web enabled and intuitive user interface that brings the elements of the Airport Software Suite together through a uniform user experience.

Flow Twin gives the airport a 3D visualisation of the baggage handling system. It offers a new take on traditional SCADA functions, such as an alarm overview, zoom levels and system navigation. It also provides a real-time representation of live items and data visualisation. In this way, it is not a SCADA – it is so much more.

The SCADA comes with an intuitive system overview and an integrated process view. It gives a simple overview of the operational status of the system, along with the integration of CCTV.

Together, the supervision elements provide a fully equipped, centralised and portable “control room”, which gives operational and maintenance staff a real-time overview of the system anytime and anywhere.

BG Fusion – The BHS Cockpit

Get in the pilot seat of the Baggage Handling System by entering the cockpit through BG Fusion. The BHS cockpit is the ultimate pilot seat of the Baggage Handling System with its user intuitive and direct access to all functions within all the systems, readily available data and overall controls. This means that all the BHS information is conveniently accessible and controllable from one single user interface, whether your purpose is operational, maintenance or management.


Baggage handling professionals work within maintenance, operations and management but often rely solely on traditional SCADA solutions, together with statistical data. When analysing and understanding current BHS performance this will indeed provide an overview of the mechanical and electrical status of a system and a way to operate it.

When adding visualisation of the data, it opens a door to a much deeper understanding of the BHS flow and performance. BEUMER Group has merged SCADA and data visualisation together into the Flow Twin solution, which gives a superior 3D visualisation of the entire baggage handling system.

The Flow Twin is a completely new take on traditional SCADA functions. Not only does it give an alarm overview, zoom levels and system navigation. It also gives an actual real time view of the baggage sortation process with visualisation of both operational and system data. The Flow Twin environment comes to life using gaming technology with the Unity game engine. In this way, it’s not a SCADA – it’s so much more.


The FLOW TWIN gives your supervisors a complete graphical overview of the entire BHS layout to understand the operation beyond the mechanical and electrical systems. 3D visualisation adds the possibility to work with extended views and functions such as:

  • Alarm overview and status (overall and in relation to certain elements)
  • Dynamic zoom in and out
  • Defining preferred view sets (position and fly by)
  • Colour-coding based on baggage status
  • Following unique baggage or specific flights
  • Time slider (taken from historical data or real time data)
  • Using system layout to display maintenance and operational data

The Flow Twin provides a unique opportunity to have a complete overview of the entire BHS no matter how extensive and complex the design might be.