Baggage Check-In

The check-in area is one of the few interfaces between the passenger and the baggage handling system and thus an important factor for passenger satisfaction. Check-in systems integrate perfectly with the airline and airport information systems to accommodate special airport requirements.

Check-in process

Even small changes to the check-in process can deliver major operational advantages and a modern baggage handling system often offers the potential to increase the check-in and bag-drop capacity significantly.

Today, the efficiency that is achieved through automating the baggage handling process is not limited to sortation and transport. Automation can also reach upstream into never-before automated areas at the check-in process.


Conventional or self bag drop?

At check-in, passengers are getting more familiar with automated self bag drop services providing a fast and efficient check-in process.  In the conventional and self-service bag-drop kiosks, the bag is tagged, placed on a conveyor and transported to the induction of the main baggage sortation system where it may be placed on a tilt-tray system or on an independent carrier system (ICS). Manned check-in counters and self-service bag drop kiosks can both easily be integrated with the baggage system design.

For airports looking to effectively move the baggage induction further upstream into the check-in area, the tote-based Crisbag® self bag drop feature is possible. Here, instead of placing the bag onto a conveyor, the passenger will place it directly into the tote. The technology used in the tote-based self bag drop is both tamper proof and security approved. The CrisBag® self bag drop and the integration of tote-based sortation into the self bag drop process will extend the benefit of 100% tracking all the way upstream to the bag drop in the check-in hall.

The white paper, "the ultimate baggage handling system", outlines how new technology can transform the baggage handling process
  • CrisCheck

    Our CrisCheck check-in conveyors can be designed to accommodate indiviual airport, airline and passenger needs.
  • CrisBag® self bag drop

    CrisBag® self bag drop allows check-in staff to move away from providing routine one-to-one check-in and to focus on managing passenger interaction.

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