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Training – Create Skilled and Confident Personnel

Running a high-capacity sortation system requires skilled personnel at every workstation in order to maintain optimal system performance and sustained efficiency. Often overlooked when analysing system throughput statistics is the crucial factor that a team of operators must consistently match the throughput at both the infeed and output work positions to achieve optimal capacity. Once capacity is lost, it cannot be regained.


Tailored Training

At BEUMER Group, our objective is to equip your personnel with the competence and confidence to operate, troubleshoot, and maintain the cutting-edge systems we deliver. That’s why we specifically tailor the number and profile of participants to align with the specific training course being offered to be able to maximize the effectiveness of the training.

Training Methodology

Our training methodology at BEUMER Group revolves around active engagement, particularly through hands-on training on the control systems, that promotes deeper comprehension and enhanced skill development.

Each training session strikes a balance between theory and practical exercises. To ensure that your operators develop a comprehensive and practical understanding of their systems, the practical training is conducted directly on their own equipment.

We recognize everyone possesses varying learning preferences, such as a tendency to learn more effectively through either a visual or audio medium. That’s why we employ diverse training methods to cater to each participant type so that maximum benefit can be derived from the sessions.

Additionally, we emphasize the importance of efficient use of documentation, which serves as a vital tool for understanding and troubleshooting the system. That’s why our training materials are meticulously linked to the actual documentation, enabling an effective introduction to the system.


To facilitate customer ownership and ongoing support for the sortation system throughout its lifetime, we often conduct train-the-trainer programs. This approach empowers you to have your own in-house group of trainers who can efficiently train the operators.

However, should the need arise, BEUMER Group is always ready to provide additional training and support to ensure seamless operation.