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Material Flow Control – Enable End-to-End Efficiency

BEUMER Group Software Solutions offers a comprehensive material flow control system within the sortation process, covering parcel entry, identification, routing, sorting, discharging, and containerization. This provides you with the opportunity to develop large parcel hubs and cost-effective parcel networks that feature fully integrated sortation systems capable of managing both automatic and manual parcel operations and ensures end-to-end efficiency.


The material flow control relies on multiple item tracking methods, which ensures precise sortation, and spans various sorting systems such as tilt tray sorters, cross belt sorters, and pouch systems, along with conveyors equipped with merge and split capabilities. Additionally, the BEUMER Group material flow control effortlessly integrates with machinery such as singulators, robots, AS/RS systems, and third-party sortation systems.

The material flow control efficiently manages various tasks at each decision point. It instructs the machinery, ensuring that parcels are directed to their designated final sort position and it also handles load balancing between the induction units, checks the size and weight of parcels, and allocates carriers.

optimised Sort Strategy

When a parcel reaches the chutes, the material flow control system actively executes the designated sort strategy, such as waterfall or round robin, when multiple chutes are assigned to the same destination. It can even intelligently and dynamically assigns chutes as needed, optimizing the sorting process and maximizing resources. Additionally, it manages tray spacing to facilitate accurate parcel tracking and prevent collisions, reducing errors and ensuring smooth operations. If a physical chute serves multiple sort positions or incorporates an accumulation device, the system controls the device based on the specific parcel. It also diligently monitors chute status and oversees operator tasks like cleardown operations, bag replacement, and label printing.

After being discharged to a container chute, such as a bag or roll cage, parcels are promptly registered to their respective containers. This containerization process ensures accurate inventory tracking. Finally, the system securely stores the sort data for each parcel and container, and transmits comprehensive manifests to the CEP operators’ host system.

Exception Handling

All exceptions, including parcels with unreadable barcodes, overweight or oversized parcels, stray parcels, and lost parcels, are swiftly identified and logged, ensuring timely resolution and directing them to designated destinations for manual handling. To enhance efficiency and optimize the workflow for operators, a dedicated sort position can be allocated for each type of exception. By leveraging these capabilities, CEP operators benefit from streamlined containerization, accurate inventory tracking, enhanced data management, and optimized exception handling.