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Maintenance and Service Tools - Have the Right Means

We know that ensuring the efficient operation and maintenance of a sortation system is of utmost importance for CEP operators, as it directly impacts their ability to maintain smooth operations with minimal disruptions. Successful operations rely on empowered maintenance personnel equipped with the right tools, just as much as they depend on durable system components.


Prior to commissioning a sortation system, we model its availability according to FEM 9.222 principles. This availability model is fully transparent and configured within the BEUMER System Availability tool, providing both the CEP operator and BEUMER Group with a shared view of the system’s availability, along with insights into the individual components, and allows for effective planning and optimization. By utilizing the availability events widget, all captured events, which serve as the basis for availability statistics, can be easily reviewed and edited, if necessary.

The BEUMER Group Software Solution offers a comprehensive cloud-based solution for technical documentation and user guides, accessible on desktop and laptop computers. This ensures that operators always have access to up-to-date documentation, regardless of their location, and the documentation is readily available as online help directly from the user interface. This easy access to critical information facilitates efficient troubleshooting and empowers operators to quickly find relevant guidance and instructions without interrupting their workflow.


Similarly, the eDoc, our documentation platform, provides intuitive and efficient navigation through the documentation structure, aided by a breadcrumb trail. Additionally, it features a built-in search engine that enables indexed full-text search within all searchable PDF files, as well as title search within non-searchable PDF files, and allows operators to locate the correct documentation swiftly and accurately.

it infrastructure

The IT infrastructure supporting the BEUMER Group Software is meticulously designed to match the required system availability. It scales seamlessly, ranging from a single server setup to high availability redundant servers, and ensures that the system can accommodate varying workloads and evolving operational needs.

Our software is designed to leverage standard hardware and software technologies, ensuring optimal product lifecycle management, streamlined system operations, and simplified maintenance processes. To minimize potential vulnerabilities and maintain system integrity, it’s also delivered with the latest updates. These must be kept up to date with the latest security patches throughout the lifetime of the sortation system, and our dedicated BEUMER Group Hotline is on hand to support you with this task.

It’s worth noting that BEUMER Group is certified ISO 27001 and adheres to the industry security standard IEC 62443-4-1 for the secure development of lifecycle processes for software solutions project execution. These certifications reflect our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of security in our software solutions and ensures stable and uninterrupted operations of your systems.