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Bulk handling system to transport ore at Callao Port

The bulk handling system supplied by us is designed to continuously transport up to 2,300 t/h of different ore concentrates of various mining companies from a storage area to the new ship loading system.

More than "only" a pipe conveyor

The system not only consists of a pipe conveyor, but also includes the following:

  • Feeding conveyor incl. metal detector
  • Magnetic separator and belt conveyor scale
  • Dedusting unit and vacuum cleaning system
  • Spillage scraper conveyor
  • Maintenance hoist
  • Control panel for the pipe conveyor

Transport over 3 km to the jetty

The pipe conveyor picks up the material at the open access and transports it at a height of approx. 6 m over a length of 3,195 m to the transfer tower at the jetty. As the conveyed material is very critical, the decision for the pipe conveyor was based on the fact that it is an enclosed transport system and, consequently, the environment is protected against material loss.

Technical data of the pipe conveyor

  • System: Ø 400 x 3,195 m
  • Material: Copper, lead and zinc concentrate
  • Capacity: 2,300 t/h
  • Lifting height: 0 m
  • Year of commissioning: 2014

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Do you have any questions?

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