Tilt tray
sortation systems

The BEUMER Group portfolio of tilt tray sortation systems includes the BEUMER Tilt Tray Sorter and the LS-4000E Tilt-Tray Sorter. With a large number of installations worldwide, BEUMER Group sortation equipment and software are critical components of today's most sophisticated and highest-throughput automated material handling systems.

tilt tray sorter

The BEUMER Tilt Tray Sorter is the basic building block of our range. These mechanical tilting elements enable goods to be discharged on either side, in a guided, two-dimensional process. That means the item glides out of the tray without any 'catapult effect', and has a much lower speed when it leaves the tray than in other comparable systems. This enables large letters, small packages, parcels and any other sorted items to be transported safely and discharged exactly in the right place.

e-tray sorter

In the BEUMER E-Tray Sorter, energy is supplied to the tilting elements via a contact-free power supply, which makes the system quieter and keeps operating costs at a minimum. The E-Tray tilt element is motor-driven without mechanical activation. The main characteristic of this drive concept is the resulting self-locking of the tray in the home position which transfers the load force to the carriage. Because the tilting movement is isolated from the sorting speed, this speed can be increased considerably.

The start position of each discharge sequence can be individually adjusted in order to reach a higher filling rate at the destinations. The extensive use of proven technologies and reliable components, the BEUMER E-Tray Sorter provides high reliability with maintenance costs that are significantly lower than those of conventional sorters. Finally, the modular design concept means that systems can be configured to ideally suit your building's floor space without compromising the system performance.


  • Gentle handling of single-item goods
  • Low-maintenance tilting element, electrical or mechanical
  • Guided, two-dimensional discharge process
  • Low-maintenance and low-wear linear motor drive
  • Extremely quiet, modular in design and highly flexible

Optional equipment:
Double density (DD) trays

In order to allow high-throughput applications, two trays can be mounted side-by-side while travelling on the same carriage, effectively doubling the number of trays in the system and the sorter capacity. Each tray can be tilted individually; however, each tray can only be tilted to one side (left trays to left-hand chutes, right trays to right-hand chutes). As a result, double density sorter systems typically utilize a pre-sortation to assign sort items to the appropriate induction area.

tilt tray sortation system

The LS-4000E tilt-tray high-speed loop sorters feature the highest layout flexibility with reduced installation and commissioning time. The new sortation technology delivers real environmental benefits with reduced carbon dioxide emissions and increased energy efficiency to provide the lowest product life cycle cost (PLCC).

The LS-4000E is a high capacity system which quickly and accurately sorts items using a new state-of-the-art energy system. Equipped with an energy-efficient linear synchronous motor (LSM), the LS-4000E reduces the overall PLCC substantially without sacrificing speed, capacity, or reliability. The high-speed LSM eliminates contact between moving parts, leading to low wear and tear and low noise levels.


  • High capacity sortation
  • New linear synchronous motor (LSM) improves electrical efficiency
  • Improved product life cycle cost (PLCC)
  • Modular platform for flexible layout
  • Optimised conditions for integration into an existing environment

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