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Baggage Storage systems

The design of baggage storage systems (EBS) can fulfil operational performance requirements beyond allowing passengers' bags to be checked in hours before flight time. Today's dynamic baggage storage designs also have the ability to support baggage peak volumes with an aim to optimise the use of the baggage make-up area.

Baggage storage features for consideration

When selecting the optimum baggage storage configuration and design, it is important to also focus on the end-to-end operational baggage handling requirements. By designing a multi storage function, the system can offer several options for handling of transfer and outbound baggage that can lead to increases in baggage handling efficiencies and operational cost savings through staff and equipment optimisation.

With no two airport requirements being the same, evaluation of baggage capacity, peak, volume and terminal space is required to find the right baggage storage design solution and technology.


Baggage storage solution for every type of airport

A baggage storage function can integrate with most baggage handling system technologies. There are a number of solutions for integrating a storage and depending on the system size and airport and airline requirements, the baggage storage can be designed to integrate various baggage handling services and solutions from simple storage to dynamic batch building processes.

Storage solutions vary from conveyor based Early Baggage Storage (EBS) systems that simply allow passengers’ bags to be checked in hours before flight time, to more dynamic storage solutions, sometimes referred to as warehouse or baggage hotel solutions. Rack storage designs such as the CrisStore®, makes it possible to build batches of bags inside the storage and release a desired number of bags for make-up in an automated speed loading process. Line-based storage in totes is another type of ‘one bag per tote’ configuration that also enables the identity and position of each item of baggage to be tracked at all times to virtually eliminate lost baggage within the EBS system.

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