Packing instruction

Dear Suppliers,

With the following packing instruction we would like to ensure together with you the easy delivery to our Receiving Department and to avoid further questions and delays during the billing procedure.

Each carrier (e. g. each package, each pallet, each pallet cage) has to be provided with a mandatory separate delivery note stating the contents of the carrier. The delivery note must be attached visibly to the carrier. In the event of deliveries through forwarding agents a bill of lading has to be provided in addition.


All documents (e. g. notification of dispatch, delivery note, packing slip, way of bill, invoice etc.) must be labelled with the following information:

  • each document must be provided with an order no. (e. g. BJw17364001)
  • each individual order item must be provided with an order item no. (e. g. AJw17364001) and a BEUMER ident no. (e.g. 135012)

We would ask you never to summarize order item numbers and corresponding quantities even if the delivery items are the same (e.g. common parts).


Requirements concerning the carrier:

  • pallet, euro-pallets or pallet cages
    – dimensions: W x L x H 800 x 1,200 x 1,100 mm
    – weight: max. 1,500 kg per carrier
  • package
    – weight: max. 32 kg per package or delivered on pallet

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

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