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BEUMER India Private Limited – Head Office

157, Naurangpur, Sec - 78, District Gurgaon 122 004, India

BEUMER India Private Limited (former BEUMER India Limited) is an amalgamated company of M/S BEUMER Technology India Pvt. Limited. and M/s Enexco Teknologies India Limited.

These companies have been amalgamated with a view to have Synergies in operations to optimize utilization of resources. BEUMER India Private Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of BEUMER Group in Germany, which was established in 1935.

BEUMER Technology India Pvt. Limited (located with head office in Mumbai) was incorporated in 2003 and Enexco Teknologies India Limited was incorporated in the year 1985. Envisioned with the objective of leadership in intralogistics; in the fields of conveying; loading; palletizing; packaging; sortation and distribution technology, serving core sectors of Airports, Logistics, Cement, Petro-Chem, Mining, Power Plant etc. With an array of engineering products and services, BEUMER India Private Limited has emerged as a successful business enterprise serving India as well as other parts of the world. Over the years, the company has grown significantly in size and volume and equipped itself with necessary resources to meet the growing demands of the industry.

BEUMER India Private Limited is located in Gurgaon near New Delhi; the company has its focus on all the business segments BEUMER Germany is active in. Its rigorous and ethical business practices coupled with a streamlined manufacturing procedure has enabled it to earn an ISO 9001:2015 certification from ROYAL CERT International Registrars, Germany.

The company relates its success to its highly motivated workforce comprising of skilled experienced engineers and trained workers led by a professional management with proven track records. Capitalizing on the vast growth potential that India has on offer and riding on its technological brilliance, BEUMER India Private Limited is constantly delivering cost effective performance oriented solutions in its focused sectors of Airports, Logistics, Cement, Petro-Chem, Mining, Power Plant etc.

CSR policy of BEUMER India Private Limited


At BEUMER, we believe that the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of the way we have been doing our business. The Company’s CSR initiatives play pivotal role in improving the lives of the communities and society at large, with an objective to energize, involve and enable them to realize their potential. This shall also enable us to fulfil our commitment to be a socially responsible corporate citizen.


The main objective of BEUMER CSR policy is:

  1. To lay down guidelines to make CSR a key business process for sustainable development of the society.
  2. To directly/indirectly undertake projects/programs this will enhance the quality of life and economic well-being of the communities in and around our plant and society at large.
  3. To generate goodwill and recognition among all stake holders of the company.


Our responsibilities

A) Towards our communities

We shall involve communities surrounding our operations to bring about a positive change in their lives through holistic, sustainable and integrated development.

B) As a Corporate Citizen

We reaffirm our commitment to conduct our business with environmental accountability. We will endeavour to adopt environment-friendly technologies and energy efficiency in our operations while continuously monitoring and reducing emissions.

C) Responsibilities toward our Employees

We will foster a work culture with high ethical principles and standards and encourage our employees to perform with utmost integrity, commitment, ownership and complying with OHS standards guidelines.


Guiding principles

A) Community Support

  1. Select underprivileged communities that we want to work with using a consistent and objective assessment framework
  2. Work independently and in partnership with NGOs on the selected underprivileged communities
  3. Have a singular focus of making them self-sufficient through innovative and sustained long-term intervention programs
  4. Assess the performance of communities objectively on a periodic basis

B) Environment Support

Spread awareness and adoption of environment friendly practices within the offices and in the communities we operate in.

C) Disaster Support

Provide aid and relief measures in the event of major calamities affecting the region or nation we operate in.

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