CrisBag Self Bag Drop extends traceability

Will passengers' need for a contactless journey call for more self-service bag drop solutions in a post COVID-19 world?

For airports of all sizes, self bag drop will soon be a key element in the service strategy. The ability for passengers to use self bag drop will enable airports to support passengers’ need for contactless journeys and achieve a greater check-in efficiency with less operating costs.

The integration of self bag drop kiosks with the CrisBag® Independent Carrier System (ICS) will enable airports to simplify and streamline the check-in process for passengers. This approach provides a simple solution with which passengers can check-in their bags quickly and easily. This will result in a faster bag drop process and staff will be able to dedicate their attention to supporting inexperienced passengers through the check-in process.

  • 100 %

    Track and trace of each bag
  • 20

    Seconds or less to complete self bag drop
  • 100 %

    Read rate at check-in

CrisBag® provides 100% track and trace of each bag. The self bag drop will allow each item of baggage to be tracked as soon as it is placed in a tote at check-in. Each point at which a bag is transferred to a different part of the BHS, there is the potential for the bag to be missed and to be short shipped. As bags are loaded directly into a CrisBag® tote at a self bag drop kiosk, the 100% traceability is extended into check-in. This means that the efficiency of the CrisBag® baggage handling system is delivered throughout the baggage handling process, from check-in to the destination make-up.

Easier check-in

The time it takes to complete self bag drop is under 20 seconds, allowing the airport to deliver a greater level of passenger service and satisfaction.

The self bag drop kiosks will display a clear digital sign which allows each kiosk to accept a bag for all flights. For passengers, this means that there will be no need to spend time finding the their flight’s check-in queue. The check-in process will be faster and passengers will benefit from a significantly more convenient experience.


Simplifying check-in and reclaim

In addition to simplifying the check-in process for passengers, airports will also benefit from using self bag drop kiosks. By directly loading each bag into a CrisBag tote at check-in, the airport will eliminate the need to have a conventional take-away conveyor line and toploader. The kiosks will also be customised so that they match the design of the terminal.

Each bag is immediately scanned to provide automatic verification of the bag tag as well as the bag dimensions and weight before induction onto the BHS. The ability to deliver 100% tracking and conveyability, with a 100% read rate at check-in, significantly enhances the overall efficiency of the baggage handling process.

The seamless integration of check-in data with the airport and airline IT systems will optimise bag control. The automatic barcode verification will also support the reconciliation process for the passenger, passport and ticket.

Arrival made different

The presence of a CrisBag system means traceability can be extended all the way to the reclaim area, and this technology can also be used to automate and transform the entire process through “Reclaim on Demand”. Reclaim on Demand eliminates the need for passengers to wait beside a carousel for their hold baggage to arrive. Instead, passengers are contacted via an in-app message on their mobile phone to confirm that their bag is ready for collection. They can then use a code which will also be sent to their mobile phone to both verify their identity and open the Reclaim on Demand kiosk to collect their bag.

One impact of Reclaim on Demand will be to drive down costs. It will reduce the overall number of missing bag reports, as bags will be automatically scanned when they are unloaded in the arrivals hall. This process will allow the airport to help airlines comply with IATA Resolution 753 by demonstrating delivery of baggage when custody changes.

To introduce this concept, airports could offer Reclaim on Demand as a special service to premium passengers. 

With inflight WiFi soon to become a regular feature on most aircraft, passengers will be able to remain online at all times and will expect to know the exact location of their bags. This era of bag tracking at airports could also see passengers routinely interacting with airport systems to allow them to watch their bag being delivered in real time.

Automating safety

As soon as the hatch on the self bag drop kiosk is closed, the kiosk activates features which enhance safety and security. Bags are prevented from being switched during check-in using tamper-detection features and double detection ensures that every bag is checked-in. Motion detection sensors are also used to provide an alert if a passenger climbs into the self bag drop kiosk.

The development of CrisBag® was based on two decades of operational experience which has combined innovation with proven technology. Self bag drop extends the operational advantages of the CrisBag® system into the check-in process and enables airports to improve overall BHS efficiency as well as passenger satisfaction.



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