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Digital transformation

Is it still 'software' or most certainly 'mobile' or almost 'blockchain' that is 'eating the world'? We have set up several initiatives and entities to test a lot, fail sometimes and always learn.

Why is digital transformation important?

BEUMER Group once was the leading manufacturer of CD sorting equipment. However, almost overnight, CDs became obsolete through online music platforms. This had a significant effect on our business.

Even more interestingly: These weren’t competitors, so we couldn’t even see this coming. Take away: You cannot predict the future, only prepare for it. And that’s what we do, through supporting BEUMER Group’s (digital) transformation.

  • 46

    billion industrial IoT connections will be active by 2023 (Source: IoT Times / Juniper Research)
  • 30

    % reduction in overall maintenance costs by IoT-enabled predictive asset maintenance (Source: Accenture)
  • 8

    % YoY growth in European e-commerce revenue (Source: Statista)

How do we tackle digital transformation @ BEUMER?

We identified seven aspects that are important for a successful digital transformation. First, we made digital transformation a CEO topic to achieve a great visibility inside and outside the group. Our digital strategy outlines a target picture and the necessary steps. Internal multipliers help us to spread this strategy internally and push the topics in their division. We form interdisciplinary teams of experts that apply new technologies together with our customers. In addition, we collaborate with Start-Ups to gain new perspectives on the challenges of logistics. This setup enables us to develop digital solutions and new business models.

Digital solutions for BEUMER Group products and systems

BG.evolution is seated in an own office in the innovative environment around the Digital.Hub Logistics in Dortmund and maintains close relationships to universities and research organizations. The focus is on the development of complementary products around the existing product and system portfolio of BEUMER Group.

At BG.evolution, we work on Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). MVPs are prototypes where we use the latest technologies on the market to solve specific customer problems. We engage in an iterative process where we constantly mirror the current solution with our BG customers to receive valuable feedback.

You have an idea how to improve our products and systems?
Feel free to contact Christopher Kirsch, Divisional Director Global Innovation.

Let‘s talk about it

The logistics startup company builder

In Berlin, BEUMER Group supports Beam, a so-called company builder, since early 2018. Beam co-founds three startups annually. These startups develop solutions for significant logistics problems.

The success of Beam rests on three pillars: First, Beam is entirely independent of the BEUMER Group in terms of decisions, budget, and processes – but there is intensive coordination in terms of content and direction. Secondly, Beam works exclusively based on logistics problems. Ideas and technological possibilities play a subordinate role.

Our startup portfolio

Why build your next startup with Beam?

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And thirdly, Beam is looking for outstanding founders in the Berlin startup ecosystem. These entrepreneurs then go on to develop problem-solving business models together with Beam (and BEUMER Group experts). To ensure the founders’ long-term motivation, they have best-practice (financial) incentives and can freely shape their startup’s business model.

Beam (and thus indirectly BEUMER Group) holds a more or less significant equity stake in the startups. BEUMER Group is interested in using startups to address (new?) customer problems from first principles and with a digital-native mindset. And to diversify its activities.

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Is there something – let´s call it a problem or a process – that could be done much cheaper, faster or “better”?
Then get in contact with Robert Bach, Managing Director Beam GmbH.

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Do you have any questions?

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