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Selecting the right high level control solution also involves selecting the right BHS software partner to work with. To ensure a professional implementation, our HLC organisation has a well-established project execution framework built on standardisation and know-how.

Meet the HLC organisation

The software department is represented at group level by the Divisional Director for Software Solutions and supported by a Director of Software Products and a Director of Software Engineering. The structure provides an organisational awareness and focus on both product development and project execution. This emphasis is vital to delivering critical infrastructure such as baggage handling systems to leading airports. The software division includes more than 220 employees who are primarily located in Germany, Denmark and Singapore.

At BEUMER Group, our software processes are certified according to the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 framework. Our processes are also aligned with the Stage-gate® project model which is used across the organisation. All Project Managers are certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI), ensuring an identical approach is adopted across all responsibilities.

How we ensure software quality in your project

Software quality is an integral part of the Stage-gate® project model. To leverage the quality, the development of HLC solutions covers multiple disciplines, such as:

  • Test management: All HLC tests are managed digitally using the management tool, Enterprise Tester, to ensure all results are properly stored in a database as a basis for clear communication with stakeholders.
  • HLC requirement management: To ensure full traceability of HLC requirements, all the way from tender material specification to functional specifications, testing and final delivery. This ensures that the project includes all the expected features and functions and that these are understood, carefully designed and tested properly before project hand-over.
  • Test model: The software and controls test approach is based on the V-model, a progressive test model during which the verification phase ensures that the right HLC system is being built and the validation phase that follows ensures that the HLC system is being properly built.
  • Simulation and emulation: Throughout the project, the BEUMER Group’s HLC organisation makes use of simulation, low level emulation and high level emulation during tests in order to provide the project with the needed test environment.
  • Continuous testing and integration: To ensure a healthy code base and overall quality throughout the project, the project team makes use of revision control, unit tests, static code analysis, nightly builds and integration testing, among others, as part of the development set-up.