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BEUMER Group publishes its annual Airport Report

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Aarhus, Denmark, 28 September 2023 – BEUMER Group, a leading global supplier of automated baggage handling systems, has published its annual Airport Report.

Airports 2024 Outlook: Resilience & Adaptability:

Written and compiled by BEUMER’s aviation experts and drawing on a huge range of highly respected sources and resources, including airports, airlines, industry bodies, aviation consultants, researchers and industry media, the report gives airport executives essential details on how their peers are re-evaluating operations and systems in light of the insights gained from recent disruptions such as Covid.

The key observations in the report describe measures taken by airports and the industry in general to survive through the pandemic and how that experience is shaping their journey into the future. Guidance is presented on the challenges that airports will face in the coming year and the ways in which they can effectively prepare for and deal with them.

The main topics of the report include:

  • How the turbulent state of the global economy is shaping the immediate future of the airport sector
  • How sustainability is moderating the opinions and strategies of all parties involved in the aviation industry
  • The continuing importance of cybersecurity on operations and the protection of digital infrastructure, and its role as a focus for investment
  • Airports’ use of new technologies to connect passengers and assist airlines

In five chapters, the report delivers insights into the current state of the global airport industry and what we can expect looking ahead to 2024:

  • Chapter 1: Resilience amidst the turbulence: The airport industry right now
  • Chapter 2: How airports can improve their sustainability journeys
  • Chapter 3: Cybersecurity at Airports: Ensuring Safety in a Digital Age
  • Chapter 4: Improved interlining with virtual solutions
  • Chapter 5: Operational recovery and dealing with macroeconomic volatility – insights from Changi Airport Group and Taoyuan International Airport.

The report is part of the information presented in the BEUMER Group Knowledge Hub for Airports, and the report can be downloaded, at no cost here.