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airports 2024 outlook: Resilience & adaptability

Airport passenger figures are closing in on pre-pandemic rates. 2022 saw global passenger volumes reach 72 percent of the levels recorded in 2019. This year they are expected to rise to 92 percent – and next year to 104 percent. Despite continued global uncertainties, a rise in ticket prices fuelled by high inflation and energy costs, and the slow return of many long-haul services, the thirst for travel remains high following the COVID-19 restrictions.

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The air travel industry has learned to expect the unexpected, but one thing is certain: it must continue to innovate. With an increased emphasis on different passenger segments – most notably business travel, which has bounced back in 2023 – and a growing commitment to more efficient baggage handling and sustainability, passengers are increasingly drawn to tailor-made, digitally-friendly services that make travelling all the more pleasurable.

By reading this report you can learn about:

  • The challenges facing the aviation industry today
  • The technologies that support the continued post-pandemic recovery
  • The road to achieving sustainability
  • Reducing the threat of cyber attacks
  • Why interlining needs a long overdue upgrade
  • Innovation on the front-line: Airport operator interviews in the Netherlands, Singapore and Taiwan

It might get choppy ahead: but with a strong post-pandemic tailwind, airport operators can smooth out the bumps in 2024 provided they continue to innovate with the same urgency shown during the restrictions.

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