How pouch sorter technology can take the headache out of reverse logistics 

With e-commerce booming, fulfilment centres are handling increasing rates of returned items. Some centres are struggling with almost 50 percent of items coming back to them.


For the fulfilment hub, this means an enormous amount of time and labour is spent on scanning, transporting and storing the returns before they become available for shipment again.

A pouch sorter system can help alleviate the headache of large volumes of returns. This specialised e-commerce fulfilment technology is able to transport, sort, sequence and store both outbound and returned items.

“Each returned item can be stored in its own individual pouch, making it easily and immediately available for direct shipment the minute a new order is received,” says Sandra Lückmann, Sales Director DACH Logistic Systems at BEUMER Group.

The pouch system serves as an intermediate buffer for return items which are typically re-sold within a few days.

As such, pouch sorter technology can simplify and streamline the returns process. It reduces the number of touches and the manual intervention typically needed, refining the process and significantly reducing costs.

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