Swiss Post: It’s time for robots to take their place

Digitalisation might have already been transforming CEP companies, but the global pandemic has certainly accelerated its need.


According to Swiss Post’s Head of Process Development, Lukas Heusser:
“COVID-19 has served to bring out from the shadows certain digital initiatives such as robotic technologies.” 

The national postal house has certainly found this to be the case. Heusser says:
“Our workforce was our biggest saviour during the pandemic, helping us through the darkest time of parcel sorting. But now we need more workers and we can’t have hundreds of people working in the same space in this situation. This is where robotics has to take its place.”

With issues of resourcing and needs for social distancing work practices, Swiss Post will not be alone in recognising the need to fasttrack the roll out of robotic technologies in their logistics operations.


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