Unpacking the benefits of the Pouch Sorter system

In the modern distribution hub, it’s difficult to find the space to increase capacity – and faced with the exponential growth of e-commerce sortation, there are many good reasons to be looking at new sortation technologies.


“With pouch sorter technology, distribution centres can use the same building space twice,” says Brian Hansen, System Director at BEUMER Group.

“With its traditional equipment at floor level and the pouch sorter system above it, in the air.” 

What’s more, a lot of small goods ordered online aren’t easily sorted with conventional systems. Using a pouch sorter system enables CEP companies to sort their small parcels into pouches and in exactly the order they need them in.

Finally, handling small goods in a separate pouch system relieves the main system, extending the life time of the main loop sorting system, and the CEP operator can wait longer before looking at possible extensions of the system in terms of capacity.

The pouch sorter technology can take a lot of pressure off parcel operators in finding the space and ability to efficiently deal with the demands of omnichannel sortation and handling small and difficult parcels.


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