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The Sectro Solution: A New System for Airport self-service security screening

Are you ready to revolutionise airport security screening? Our white paper explores how automation can transform the passenger screening process, significantly enhancing the passenger experience and streamlining airport operations.

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Unlock the future of airport security screening

What’s inside:

  • Enhanced passenger experience: Learn how automation reconfigures passenger flow, reducing wait times and improving satisfaction.
  • Operational efficiency: Discover how the Sectro solution reduces the number of operators needed, allowing security personnel to focus on critical tasks.
  • Innovative system design: Understand the transition from a linear to a parallel screening system, utilising self-service automation and intuitive touch screens.
  • Optimised terminal layout: See how both new and existing airports can benefit from reconfigured layouts to support seamless passenger movement.

Why read this white paper?

  • Operational benefits: Understand the significant personnel savings and how redeploying staff to other critical tasks can enhance overall efficiency.
  • Comprehensive insights: Get in-depth analysis and recommendations on implementing automated security screening solutions.
  • Expert perspectives: Benefit from the expertise and experience of leading professionals in airport security and automation.

Discover the power of automation and transform your airport’s security screening

Automation is the key to a more efficient, secure, and passenger-friendly airport experience. Download our white paper now and take the first step towards revolutionising your airport’s security screening process.

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