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MOdern individual carrier systems for airport baggage handling

In today’s airport baggage handling operations, it is more crucial than ever to be able to meet strict security and transfer time criteria without losing critical revenue and compromising on efficiency. The modern individual carrier system (ICS) is a baggage handling system that can meet these demands.

What is an ICS system and which system is better for your airport?

What’s an ICS system and which type of system applies to your airport’s specific requirements? In this whitepaper we explain what an ICS is and explore two types – the tote (or tray) and the cart based baggage handling systems. We look at the benefits of an ICS system and important factors to consider when deciding between a conventional system or ICS.

In this informative whitepaper you can learn:

  • What an ICS system is and how tote and cart systems work
  • Why ICS technology is so important to airports
  • What to consider when deciding between conventional and ICS systems
  • And importantly: Comparisons between the tote and cart technologies

In reading this whitepaper, you will gain insights into the benefits of modern ICS technology and how to choose the ICS technology that best suits your business.

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