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Batch building: An intelligent form of baggage make-up

Airports have spent decades refining baggage handling systems (BHS) and operations.
But what about baggage make-up? How can this overlooked and often ineffective part of baggage handling be improved to increase efficiency?

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Applying the batch building principle enables a more controlled and faster form of handling baggage make-up through the optimisation of existing resources and footprint.
It enables baggage handling operators to pull batches of bags to produce flight builds – for example, based on specific criteria – instead of handling individual bags in the order they are pushed through the BHS.


To get the maximum benefit from batch building, an automated individual carrier (ICS) system should be considered. Used in conjunction with ICS technology, batch building utilises the least-attractive real estate in airport terminals for dynamic storage and reduces the overall space needed in the make-up area.

Read this white paper and learn about:

  • The benefits of batch building: reduced OPEX, optimised footprint
  • The equipment that enables batch building: storage, buffers, manipulators
  • How batches are built: the build cell, templates, necessary software
  • How your airport’s make-up capability compares to airports with an ICS
  • The benefits of using an automated individual bag retrieval system
  • How best to implement the batch building principle

Download the white paper today to discover how you can optimise your baggage make-up process by applying the batch building principle.

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