With the completed asset acquisition from The Hendrik Group Inc., BEUMER Group is expanding its portfolio in the field of bulk material transport and strengthening its market position in both the cement and the minerals and mining industry.


As we move forward, we are dedicated to supporting The Hendrik Group’s existing solutions, while also expanding our capabilities to deliver an even broader range of benefits to our valued customers. This asset acquisition strengthens our capacity to handle alternative fuels and raw materials, enabling us to provide you with innovative, sustainable solutions and services without any disruptions.

Going forward, BEUMER Group will also be your trusted provider of OEM parts, service and support for the equipment installed at your facility. Our dedicated service team at BEUMER Group is ready to assist you promptly and effectively.

To learn more about the asset acquisition from The Hendrik Group, please read the official press release.

Bulk Material Handling Solutions

At BEUMER, we provide you with a complete solution. We take care of every aspect of the project: project estimation, engineering, fabrication inspection, installation supervision, commissioning and even belt conveyor retrofits.

With air-supported belt conveyors, you get a bulk material handling solution that is specifically suited for alternative fuels and raw materials (AFR). The technology also generates additional potential for handling sensitive materials when it comes to preventing hazardous substances from being released into the environment.

Based on your requirements and application needs, we offer you two different models – BEUMER HoverGlide and BEUMER HoverTube.

Air Supported Belt Conveyors

Beumer HoverGlide

The HoverGlide air-supported belt conveyor uses meticulously calibrated air chambers to support conveyor belts, carrying bulk materials with fewer friction-oriented components than roller conveyors.

This conveyor utilizes a thin cushion of air (film) rather than idlers to support the belt and load. By using this air film, friction between the tail section and discharge is reduced. This leads to fewer dust emissions, spills and maintenance which can be translated into annual OPEX savings in housekeeping and parts replacement.


Beumer HoverTube

The HoverTube provides the most maintenance free form of bulk material handling, while lowering initial capital investment. The air-supported belt conveyor can span greater unsupported distances and can be assembled more easily, while utilizing the same principles and features as the HoverGlide, including air-supported carrying and return sides.

The HoverTube can handle most forms of dry bulk materials and is designed for indoor as well as outdoor applications. There are no limitations on length, load or capacity.


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