Parcel Singulator

The Automatic Parcel Singulator handles bulk flows for high-capacity sortation into a singulated flow. The solution is specifically designed for induction to loop sortation systems as it transforms a bulk flow of parcels into a uniformly separated, spaced and aligned flow, before the in-feed to the automated induction of a high-speed loop sorter.

The Automatic Parcel Singulator handles a wide variety of postal items and provides a single system for handling parcels, flats, totes and sealed bags from the collection and distribution sorting areas. Cyclical operation enables the Automatic Parcel Singulator to adjust the speed of the parcel flow in response to changing levels of demand. As a fully automated solution, the Automatic Parcel Singulator minimises the need for manual handling and supervision during normal operation.

BEUMER Automatic Parcel Singulator

Flexible and low
energy consumption

The Automatic Parcel Singulator features efficient use of available space and optimised integration into a sorter induction for existing loop-sorter systems. The Automatic Parcel Singulator is controlled by PLC and frequency inverters capable of reusing kinetic energy which enable the system to combine maximum capacity and throughput with minimum energy consumption.


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