The Baggage Loader has been developed to reduce manual lifting of in-gauge bags in the make-up area in the airport. The Baggage Loader significantly increases workplace safety for baggage handling staff and provides safe and efficient loading and unloading of bags into ULDs, containers, etc.

BEUMER Baggage Loader

The baggage is typically lifted from the conveyor and thrown into the ULD with conventional manual handling techniques. The Baggage Loader, however, virtually eliminates heavy lifting to minimise manual handling risks. The gentle sliding action of the Baggage Loader also minimises the risk of damage to baggage.

The Baggage Loader is easily integrated into existing systems and can significantly improve the efficiency and the quality of the baggage handling process in the airport.

  • Safe and efficient unloading and loading of bags
  • Easy-to-use hand controls
  • Loading in just 10 seconds per bag
  • Easily operated by one person
  • Suitable for loading in-gauge bags into ULDs and other containers
  • Electric or compressed air drive system

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