Airsiders is a travel technology company focused on improving the end-to-end passenger experience while creating new revenue opportunities for airports and airlines.

Airsiders offers a full-service virtual interlining solution, aimed at growing the transfer volume at airports, increasing aero and retail revenue as well as overall market share. Part of the solution is a patent-pending automated baggage check thru technology that enables the processing of self-transfer baggage between non-interline flights. This technology facilitates airports in becoming self-connecting hubs that enable any airline pair to offer seamless connections between one another without a traditional interline agreement.

The Airsiders Compass product is a digital wayfinding solution based on an industry-leading flight routing and wayfinding algorithm. With airports in focus, the objective is to drive the passenger experience, and grow airport revenues through personalisation and improved services. By integrating airport data to visualize and predict passenger journeys at airports based on flight information and personal itineraries, Compass offers improved time-management for passengers. As a result, passengers are encouraged to explore retail and service options provided by the airport through targeted advertisements and smart retail recommendations.


By solving the most pressing pain points, airports can benefit from higher transfer passenger volumes and increased concessions revenues, all while providing a seamless experience for travellers.

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