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Supervision – Have the Complete Overview

To ensure optimal operations, CEP operators and personnel require comprehensive and multifaceted supervision of the entire sortation system that is tailored to their specific needs. Supervisors need easy access to system overview and configuration options, maintenance personnel need alarm and workflow support, and operators need valuable feedback on task prioritization and team effectiveness.


BEUMER Group Software Solutions empower the effective management of daily operations in sortation centers through dedicated functionality that provides the full overview and configuration options. The software provides a user-friendly web-based interface, BG Fusion, offering tailored user experiences and an innovative user interface. It can be accessed from workstations as well as mobile devices, granting flexibility and convenience to users.

The BEUMER SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system offers an integrated control view, enabling supervisors to have full control over the system. They can start and stop individual components, inspect the overall system layout, and monitor the status of elements, including induction units, sorter carriers, and chutes. The visualizations are divided into multiple levels, providing a comprehensive view of the full system overview, areas or groups of functions, and individual system components and monitored signals.

Maintenance personnel also benefit from efficient alarm and workflow management within the same user interface. They can process alarms from both a list and layout view, acknowledge alarms, identify root causes, inspect system elements, and access guidance for repairs and maintenance. This seamless workflow enhances productivity and enables a swift response to maintenance needs.

CCTV Integration

The seamless integration of the SCADA system with an available CCTV system also enhances surveillance capabilities. CCTV cameras are displayed as icons within the SCADA layout, allowing supervisors to activate live feeds with a simple click. Additionally, when alarms are triggered, the CCTV system automatically displays live feeds from the respective areas, enabling prompt assessment and response.