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Item Identification – Ensure Precision and Boost Efficiency

BEUMER Group's Software Suite seamlessly integrates with multiple scanner and scale systems, enabling the capture of multiple parcel attributes, such as barcodes, dimensions, and weight. This allows the parcel flow to be split effectively in various ways — such as large and small parcels, or domestic and international destinations. The increased flexibility provided by this enhanced sortation logic drives substantial improvements in efficiency, ensures precision, and boosts the performance of your entire sorting process.


By utilizing Legal for Trade certified equipment, dimensions, and weight data are securely stored in an Alibi storage, ensuring revenue protection in cases of underpaid parcels. In addition, our system acquires and archives images from barcode scanners, facilitating item identification and providing visual confirmation of a parcel’s location and condition, and ensures that customer claims can be handled promptly and efficiently.

In cases where barcode decoding is challenging due to damage or partial coverage, our solution uses images of the parcel and deploys Optical Character Recognition (OCR) reading and Video Coding System (VCS) encoding whilst the parcel is still in the sortation system, which minimizes inefficient manual handling and parcel recirculation.

  • With BEUMER VCS, high-resolution parcel images empower operators to inspect barcodes and destinations from convenient office environments without the physical handling of parcels. Offline encoding is also supported, which allows operators to encode missing sort information while parcels are in transit between sortation hubs and distribution terminals. This remote system streamlines sorting operations, enabling prompt and accurate delivery while significantly reducing costs, enhancing operational efficiency, and increasing flexibility.

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