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Business Intelligence – Learn and Plan Through Insights

The BEUMER Group Sortation System boasts a lifespan exceeding 20 years when actively maintained, offering CEP operators an enduring investment. With a dedicated focus on total cost of ownership and return on investment, you gain a comprehensive, future-oriented perspective. However, the ever-evolving consumer landscape poses challenges, necessitating flexible adaptations to parcel mix and distribution networks to ensure that you're able to meet future market needs and exploit opportunities as they arise.


BG Insight — Data-Driven Asset Management

When it comes to planning for the future, CEP Operators need to be able to find out what happened, discover why it happened, and anticipate what’s likely to happen in the future. Data transparency is crucial to finding this information, together with the right tools for working with the data. Our answer to this challenge is BG Insight, a superior data analytics framework that’s designed to fully integrate with existing BI solutions.

BG Insight’s customised dashboards give users an easy and intuitive overview of current operations, upcoming events, and maintenance updates. For further analysis, specialized dashboards for maintenance, operations, and management serve as powerful tools for examining both historical and current performance.


Statistics is a web-based tool that enables the collection and display of statistical data. Offering a variety of predefined visualizations, it provides operators with an overview of the sortation process across one or multiple sorters. These visualizations encompass tabular formats and diverse chart styles, such as pie, line, and bar charts.

Statistics also features an interactive drill-through capability — allowing users to delve into the detailed data behind aggregated views — and a dashboard comprised of multiple visualizations that showcase metrics and trends within the chosen focus area, such as the effective sort rate.

The dashboard can be set to refresh automatically or by user-defined intervals, which facilitates the display of large amounts of crucial information so that operators are aware of the system’s performance in near real-time. Operators can also filter the dashboards, and zoom in on specific areas and equipment levels, such as sorter throughput for a particular sorter area.

Simulation Models

When entrusted with the design of expansive and intricate sortation hubs, BEUMER Group leverages cutting-edge software simulation and emulation models. These powerful tools meticulously simulate the material flow within the hub, from door to door. Through simulation and emulation analysis, the overall parcel flow, individual parcels, processes, and mechanical functions are scrutinized, enabling you to assess various what-if scenarios. This includes evaluating the impact of changing your parcel mix, route distribution, and arrival/departure schedules.

Additionally, simulations are invaluable in designing future expansions that demand significant alterations to the sortation system. They empower you to confidently plan and implement system changes to accommodate growth and evolving operational needs.

Emulation Models

During the meticulous system design phase, BEUMER Group constructs emulation models that replicate critical system functions. These models serve as a robust testing ground to validate the parcel flow and mechanical performance, ensuring smooth integration with the customer’s unique parcel mix and minimizing operational disruptions. Emulation models play a vital role throughout project execution, commissioning, and training stages.

For instance, they facilitate the thorough testing of sort plans to achieve an effective balance between system throughput and operational requirements. Factors such as staffing levels, walking distances, and operator routines are carefully considered to optimize system performance while accommodating operational realities, resulting in smoother operations and enhanced productivity.

Following the successful completion of the project, BEUMER Group leases the Emulation models to the customer. This enables customers to independently emulate the sortation flow and outcomes under diverse parcel mix and sort plan configurations.

This hands-on capability empowers operators to assess the impact of different scenarios, further enhancing their understanding and enabling effective decision-making.