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Prepared for peak times

Österreichische Post AG built its new distribution centre in Wernberg, in the southernmost Austrian state of Carinthia. Up to 30,000 packages are handled on a daily basis. The sortation system is at the heart of the logistics centre: it handles the sortation demands reliably and responds quickly during peak times. The BG Sorter is our latest system development. It is powerful and energy-efficient yet runs so quietly that the working environment remains pleasant. The managers were also impressed by the trouble-free handling of the project.

New Sorter Technology at Österreichische Post AG

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High technology, small footprint

The site is conveniently located between two big cities, Villach and Klagenfurt, easily accessible from the autobahn. On average, approximately 30,000 packages are handled per day, increasing to up to 50,000 during peak times such as leading up to Christmas. That means up to 6,000 packages per hour. The various parcels must be handled with care and distributed quickly and accurately. The sortation system must meet these high demands. We provided the necessary technology, with our new high-capacity BG Sorter at the core, designed as a tilt tray sorter. Wernberg is a comparatively small site of the Austrian postal service. We had to install the entire system in the already existing hall with very little space.

The tilt tray sorter design is capable of conveying items of up to 60 kilograms. Wireless communication enables real-time data transmission, unlike infrared communication where data are transmitted only when an infrared sensor is passed. This reduces the communication time to milliseconds.

Different operating modes are also easily implemented. This allows to respond better to sensitive products. The items are discharged at different speeds and with high precision. Users can handle items of different sizes with more flexibility. The machine allows us to handle a large mix of product with precision while being cost effective.

Energy-efficient drive

Our new system is equipped with energy-efficient drives. The servo drive-based OptiDrive reduces power consumption and CO2 emissions. The contact pressure of the drive wheel is automatically set depending on the required driving power – even for braking, which makes this solution highly efficient and force-fitting. This boosts efficiency to up to 90 percent and enhances the service life of the drive wheels. The BG Sorter is equipped with carrying wheels that are larger than those used in comparable systems. They reduce the rotation frequency by 25 percent. This has a positive effect on the wear and tear and the noise.

Smooth project handling and reliable service

After the successful completion of the project, we continue servicing the customer. Österreichische Post has signed a hotline contract with our customer support. This allows the customer to contact a service engineer whenever necessary. If the machines come to a standstill, we can dial in directly to the machine via a VPN connection, examine the situation and solve the problem directly or come up with a solution together with the customer.

Sandra Lückmann - Head of Sales - CEP, DACH & Eastern Europe

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