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Innovative baggage handling for long-haul European airport

Accuracy and speed driven by energy-efficient systems.

Helsinki’s efficient BHS speeds up transfer baggage

As a leading long-haul airport for northern Europe, Helsinki handles 350 departures a day with flights travelling to 130 non-stop destinations worldwide. The need for fast and efficient baggage handling is crucial to the 15 million passengers per year. This is why Finavia undertook a major airport redevelopment with a new Baggage Logistics Centre (BLC), in addition to the expansion of Terminal 2 and the renovation of Terminal 1.

One of the key goals for the Baggage Handling System (BHS) was to deliver the minimum connection time for transfer baggage. It was also essential to ensure tight control of the baggage flow and to achieve a high level of energy efficiency. Innovative features designed into the BHS, are enabling Helsinki Airport to reach these goals.

One of the most important features of the BHS is the transfer monitor tool. This automatically alerts the airport when transfer baggage is delayed on an incoming flight. The tight control that this provides allows Helsinki to transfer delayed baggage to connecting flights, even when the connection time is very short.

The integration of innovative technology and intelligent control is enabling Helsinki to maintain exceptional service as a long-haul airport.

  • 10 km

    Baggage Handling System (BHS)
  • 7000

    bags per hour
  • 350

    departures per day
CrisBag tote-based carrier system
Baggage Handling System at Helsinki Airport

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Tote-based system handles standard and out-of-gauge bags

The bags are transported from the check-in area, through a tunnel, to the BLC by the tote-based CrisBag® system. The totes reach speeds of up to seven meters per second to accelerate the baggage handling process. In the BLC, the bags are discharged onto conveyors for security screening. CrisBag also delivers items to the Early Baggage Store (EBS) which has the capacity for 1500 bags.

The flexibility to use large and standard totes enables CrisBag to carry standard size and out-of-gauge baggage on the same track and at the same speed. Two LS-4000E tilt-tray sorters are integrated to handle the baggage for all make-up positions. The baggage is automatically discharged to the flights via a total of 86 chutes.

Intelligent control and energy efficiency

The use of linear synchronous motor technology allows Helsinki Airport to save up to 75 percent of the energy which would be used by a comparable BHS driven by standard linear motors. The CrisBag system also saves energy with intelligent control. Rather than running continuously, CrisBag is alerted when a bag is approaching and only starts the belt to bring the tote up to speed when the bag arrives. The software includes high- and low-level controls and was integrated with no disruption to the normal operation of the airport. A single SAC provides the high-level controls for all four terminals. To maintain availability, the individual software modules continue to operate independently if the SAC is not in operation.

The modularity of the LS-4000E sorters and the CrisBag system also enhances efficiency as the same modular components are used throughout the systems to minimise the cost of spares and maintenance.

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