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Baggage make-up and unloading systems

In the baggage hall there are a number of automated and semi-automated solutions available for optimising the loading and unloading of baggage.

  • Baggage Manipulator

    The Baggage Manipulator is a highly efficient semi-automated loading device developed to enable speed loading and improved ergonomics.
  • Baggage Loader

    The Baggage Loader has been developed to reduce manual lifting of in-gauge bags in the make-up area in the airport.
  • Automated Container Handling System

    The Automated Container Handling System is a rail system for transport of ULDs between destinations inside the airport.
  • Automated Container Unloader

    The Automated Container Unloader is a fully automated system for unloading baggage from ULDs with minimal operator intervention.
  • Baggage Unloader

    The Baggage Unloader is a simple device for easy and ergonomic transfer of arrival baggage from a ULD container onto a conveying line in the airport.

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