Sorting the sortation

High-speed parcel sorting systems come in many designs to fit the exact needs for your parcel business.

  • BG Sorter CB Cross-Belt

    Cross-belt sortation handle all types of items and opens for the possibility to automate the handling of polybags and other difficult item surfaces.
  • BG Sorter ET Tilt-Tray

    BG Sorter ET Tilt-Tray features high level of efficiency, throughput and flexibility.
  • BG Line Sorter

    The BG Line Sorter sets new benchmarks for mid-size-volume material handling.
  • BG Sorter® Compact CB

    BG Sorter® CB Compact is a high-speed cross-belt loop sorter enabling high levels of throughput and sortation accuracy in a single integrate process.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions?

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