BEUMER Bucket Elevators
Maximum vertical Lifting of individual Goods

Whether hot or cold: BEUMER bucket elevators are the economical solution when it comes to vertically transporting bulk materials. As the market leader, BEUMER Group has developed more and more highly refined technical designs for this type of conveying system for a number of decades now. Therefore, BEUMER Group can offer the perfect configuration for many different potential application scenarios.

BEUMER high-capacity belt bucket elevators

BEUMER high-capacity belt bucket elevators are an outstanding design for the transport of bulk materials, from those of a floury consistency to small pieces, such as raw meal, cement or grit. They transport fine-grain materials such as these in specially constructed buckets between 160 and 2,000 millimetres wide to heights in excess of 200 metres, and use much less energy in the process than a pneumatic conveying system.

The buckets in the BEUMER belt bucket elevators are held in place using forged segment fastenings to ensure an even distribution of retention forces in the belt, which is designed with wire-free zones. This structure is reliable in preventing the buckets from breaking loose. The profiled rubber plate located between the bucket and the belt, the creation of “recesses” on the back of the belt and the special reinforcement of the belt ends minimise the load and thus the risk of both elongation and wear and tear to the BEUMER high-capacity belts. This is reflected in both the high level of availability and the long service life of the systems, as well as the maximum practical benefit that they offer.

BEUMER central chain bucket elevators

The BEUMER central chain bucket elevator was developed expressly for maximum conveying capacity; depending on design, sizeable centre distances can thus be achieved and conveyed volumes can reach 1,110 cubic metres per hour depending on bucket width. Their full strength comes to the fore with hot, abrasive or granular bulk material – for example in milling operations in the cement industry. Because needs in terms of conveying capacity and conveying height differ, we have five types of chain available. This means that the ideal chain can be selected for each application while ensuring that chain safety is maintained. Using the high-strength BEUMER central chain enables loads to be lifted to substantial heights, in excess of 70 metres.