Overland Belt Conveyors
for the Mining Industry

For conveying the mined material to processing sites or storage areas BEUMER overland conveyors can be utilized. BEUMER specializes in conveyors that adapt to difficult topographical conditions by horizontal and vertical curves. This means an elimination of transfer points and a reduction of the number of conveyors, which amounts to savings in investment but particularly in operation and maintenance costs. On top of this, for very sensitive material or very exposed environments BEUMER offers the pipe conveyor which encloses the material completely.

Curved conveyor technology for long distances

As conveying distances between quarries and plants get longer the cost of transportation comes into focus. The necessity to increase the safety of workers as well as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions leads to the development of conveyors with particularly long distances. Such requirement combined with BEUMERs capability to develop complex routings while using standard conveying equipment opens up new possibilites.

At a glance:

Pipe conveyor:

  • C-C: 10 km and longer
  • Tight horizontal curves
  • Capacity > 6.000 t/h
  • Belt speed up to 6,5 m/s
  • Inclination up to 30°

Troughed belt conveyor:

  • C-C: 20 km and longer
  • Horizontal radii: > 400 m
  • Capacity > 10.000 t/h
  • Belt speed up to 6,5 m/s
  • Inclination up to 15°