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courier, express and parcel 2024 OUTLOOK: Future-focused flexibility

High volumes are vital to CEP operators achieving profits because the margins are so limited and competition so tough. In today’s climate of geopolitical conflict, high inflation and the increased cost of living, there is widespread nervousness about investing in new tech, so most operators would rather focus on operations. Many are caught in a limbo because the industry expects parcel volumes to start rising in 2024, but most operators would rather see this happen before they start investing again.

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Flexibility key to making profits

Investment needn’t be costly – most notably in robot and AI development to alleviate ongoing labour shortages and cope with demand fluctuations. Meanwhile, operators that embrace ‘Dynamic Parcel Networks’ will have the necessary agility to better utilise their capacity and optimise their operations. In these unpredictable times there is one certainty: the surest way to bring value to your business is to reduce your internal costs by investing in intelligent solutions.

By reading this report you will learn about:

  • The challenges facing the CEP industry today
  • Why profits must come from internal optimisation and digitalisation
  • The pitfalls of losing your focus in the Last Mile
  • The new technologies taking strides in the sector
  • How ‘Dynamic Parcel Networks’ can fast-track your business
  • Why established operators are increasingly collaborating with startups

It’s been a year of uncertainty for many CEP operators, but with parcel volumes expected to soar in 2024, the time has arrived for considered investment in intelligent solutions to radically reduce internal costs and optimise operations.

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