Software Suite

The BEUMER Group Airport Software Suite combines some of the industry’s most advanced Baggage Handling System High Level Controls (BHS HLC) with intuitive, web-based user interfaces to introduce new levels of ease and efficiency to the baggage handling process.

The foundation of the Airport Software Suite is a set of proven, standard controls modules. Each module implements advanced equipment control assuring optimum availability and reliability.

The intuitive user interface graphically integrates all of the software modules including those for peripheral equipment and subsystems. This gives operators a complete set of widget-based data on a virtual desktop, as well as secure access for operating and controlling the entire baggage handling system.

Ensuring that each bag is safely delivered to the right destination demands high levels of visibility, control and traceability. This includes planning and management as well as statistical analysis of baggage flow and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It also requires advanced simulation, training and optimisation tools to deliver continual improvement in employee productivity and process efficiency.

Using a web-based platform allows the Airport Software Suite to be accessed with the same user interface from a wide range of physical devices. These can include a workstation or video-wall in a central control room, as well as mobile platforms such as RF devices, tablets and smart phones.


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