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Palletising technology for lightning-fast stacking

Automated palletising technology helps to get large quantities of your product from the factory to the customer. Palletisers gently and quickly stack cement sacks, cardboard boxes or containers of liquid on top of one another. Thanks to the first-class stacking quality, all packaged units reach the retailer undamaged. For over 40 years we have been developing palletising technology that can be seamlessly integrated into your manufacturing process. Whether you produce materials for the building industry, for the chemical industry or supply your customers with food, with automatic palletising you will stay competitive in the future.

Beumer robotpac Robot Palletiser

Punctual delivery thanks to reliable mechanical engineering

High-performance palletisers that even under extreme conditions work reliably accelerate the production process. The quality of the palletising technology is demonstrated by its long service life. The modular design can be expanded as required. For bagged products, i.e. those packed in sacks, the packer technology implements all commonly used packing patterns. At the push of a button, the palletisers react flexibly to changes in size and material. Thus the packed pallets are loaded into the truck without delay and reach your customer on time. Our BEUMER robotpac® palletising robot packs dimensionally stable and unstable goods. We have developed the BEUMER paletpac® palletising system for stacking bags.

BEUMER robotpac® palletising robot for form stable and unstable packaged goods

Our industrial robots, the BEUMER robotpac® systems, are able to grip cardboard boxes, pallets, feed sacks or liquid containers and stack them elegantly. The correct type of gripping system is determined by the packaged goods. Robot technology enables the stacking of both identical packaging units and packages with different dimensions to be stacked on the same pallet.

Flexible gripper systems for the perfect stack

Fork grippers gently pack bagged goods and cardboard boxes onto pallets. Up to 600 bags per hour can be processed in this way. With the double fork gripper, this figure increases to 900 per hour. The double finger gripper positions up to 1,900 form-stable sacks every hour. The installation of a pallet gripper is used to feed empty pallets and saves on an additional empty pallet conveyor.

Do your containers have an absorbent surface? Perfect! The suction gripper stacks up to 400, including unstable, packaged goods in 60 minutes. The parallel gripper performs well with form-stable packs which have parallel sidewalls. It stacks up to 600 boxes per hour.

Are you missing the right gripper for your application? No problem! We would develop special grippers for you.

Highlights of the BEUMER robotpac® palletisers

  • Beumer robotpac Robot Palletiser

    robotpac® Robot Palletiser

    The BEUMER robotpac® systems palletise and depalletise any type of package using specially developed sector-specific and task-specific gripper tools.

BEUMER paletpac® - stacking bags at its best

The BEUMER paletpac® series has a clear advantage due to its large performance range. The layer palletisers can be adjusted from highly sensitive products that require careful packing to stacking huge quantities in a very short time. In whichever case, they will accelerate your internal logistics.

High palletiser for sensitive bagged goods

The high-level palletisers are particularly suitable for sensitive bagged goods such as plaster, screed, animal feed, granulates and powdered or micronised chemical products. Our models start in the lower performance range with an output of 600 to 2,500 bags per hour. They are designed with a ventilated storage tables or special coatings, which reduce friction. State-of-the-art drive technology minimises noise and wear. Motors that save energy through frequency control and servo technology, product-specific turning devices and optimal electrical control ensure that palletising is economical, safe and precise.

High-performance palletiser with impressive speed

Our BEUMER paletpac® palletising technology stacks robust bagged goods such as fertilisers and cement in next to no time. With up to 6,000 bags per hour, they achieve a very high daily output. The gentle handling and high quality of the stack are the results of our sophisticated technology. The high-performance models are also characterised by modern drive technology, variable setting options and simple operation.

Highlights of the BEUMER paletpac® series

Mechanisms for aligning the bags according to the packing pattern

Optimised turning mechanisms are used to turn the bags according to the packing pattern. The double belt turning mechanism with two separately driven conveyor belts turns the sacks through the different speeds of the belts. It is used for sensitive goods. In contrast, the clamp- rotating device gently aligns the bagged goods with a special clamp. This way, up to 2,500 sacks are turned in a particularly gentle way. The bar turning device is the right choice for robust goods in large quantity flows.

  • Paletpac Palletiser

    paletpac® Palletiser

    Palletisers from the BEUMER paletpac® series can palletise up to 6,000 bags per hour, while providing high stacking quality and gentle bag handling.