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Packaging Technology for Transporting Palletised Goods

Who stacks bricks on pallets? Does champagne run through pipes into the supermarket? Is granulate filled into sacks with a spoon? All products need packaging - especially for transportation. Whether in the retail, building materials or the chemical industry, after production all products have to make their way to the end user. Stable packaging preserves the value of your product. Safe palletising prevents accidents and sustainable packaging saves natural resources and money. But are you also ready for smart packaging technology at top speed? Complete packaging lines give your filling and packaging process the competitive productivity boost.

BEUMER Stretch Hood-A

Lightning-fast bag filling

Filling bulk goods into bags is the first step in the packaging process. The filling and sealing of those bags is done fully automatically by machines with the intention of filling and shaping the bags for easy stacking and palletisation. The weight of the packaged goods is also measured and adjusted on a continuous basis.

The Form-Fill-Seal or FFS process stands for forming, filling and sealing. Irregular flow behaviour and high temperatures are often to be expected with chemical products. We have designed the comprehensive BEUMER fillpac® FFS system for gentle filling. The machine forms precisely fitting bags from a PE tubular film, fills them and seals them automatically. The machine processes up to 2,600 bags per hour. An integrated scale automatically checks the precise product quantity.

  • Stretch Hood Packaging

    BEUMER stretch hood® A

    Flexibility and load stability in one: The film used by the BEUMER stretch hood® A allows different product sizes to be packaged on the same pallet.

Fully automated palletising

The next step is to load the bags tightly and securely onto pallets. Extensive knowledge is required to handle a wide range of products. Essential industry knowledge and clever engineering are reflected in our systems. Our BEUMER paletpac® systems are characterised by the best stacking quality and sensitive bag handling. The bags are placed in layers on the pallet. In addition to the usual packing patterns, individual requirements in the building materials industry can also be incorporated.

Our systems reliably pack all sensitive bagged goods, such as plasters, screeds, granulates and powdered products. Output ranges from 600 to 2,500 bags per hour can be achieved. The technology reveals that ventilated loading tables or special coatings minimise friction. Frequency regulation and servo technology enable the motors to save energy, and optimum electrical control ensures safe and economical operation.

  • Paletpac Palletiser

    paletpac® Palletiser

    Palletisers from the BEUMER paletpac® series can palletise up to 6,000 bags per hour, while providing high stacking quality and gentle bag handling.
  • Beumer robotpac Robot Palletiser

    robotpac® Robot Palletiser

    The BEUMER robotpac® systems palletise and depalletise any type of package using specially developed sector-specific and task-specific gripper tools.

Palletising robots for varying package sizes

With specific gripper elements, the BEUMER robotpac® palletises packages and bags of the various shapes and sizes. During the packing process, it grips the products individually. The robot is able to precisely implement varying and complex packing patterns with changing articles. The system also includes a control panel, which makes reconfiguration very easy for your staff. With its high energy efficiency and small footprint, the palletising robot can be integrated into many packing situations and can also perform depalletising with great care.

Safe and sound while in transport

Once the pallet has been packed with the right quantity of goods, the final step is to secure the load. Our top transport packaging reliably prevents the packaged goods from shifting on the pallet. Our packaging technology ensures the readability of barcodes and protects against tampering and theft of items. In packaging optimisation, we have paid attention to both simplicity and minimum use of materials. The BEUMER stretch hood® combines all the requirements of modern packaging technology. The system works with stretch hoods as packaging material, which ensure very high load security through both horizontal and vertical axes. With packaging that withstands even sharp-edged loads, the flexible film also provides weatherproof protection for outdoor storage. During packaging, the machine automatically detects the required amount of film, thus saving valuable materials.

Pallet Wrapping or Stretching?

Packaging methods comparison
3 methods in comparison
Pallet Packaging Methods

Special solutions

The scenarios described for a “typical” packaging line can rarely be implemented 1:1. We specialise in customised solutions for the packaging of your products and develop packaging technology according to your individual needs. Our company operates internationally. So challenge us – we will solve your logistical challenge.

Loading Technology

Once your materials and goods have been palletised, they need to be loaded. We offer solutions for all kinds of goods, whether loose or packaged, for various modes of transportation including trucks, trains as well as ships and boats.

Bulk Loading Heads

Ship Loader

Railway and Train Loading



Bag Loader


From single buffer storages and blending beds to complete bulk terminals, we offer the complete range of required equipment for your industry: mining, cement, power, chemical (fertiliser) and food (grains). Besides the conveyor technology, we can supply the stackers and reclaimers best suited for your task.

  • Coal Blending Bed

    Coal Pile

    Longitudinal or circular stockpiles are used to mix or homogenise raw materials such as coal.
  • Storage Blending Bed

    Blending Bed

    A blending bed is used for storage and homogenisation of raw materials such as limestone, clay, coal or mixtures of other bulk materials.