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Complete Logistics Systems

Choosing the right logistics system and material handling system is a strategic decision that can impact your business' efficiency and future growth. At BEUMER Group, we understand the complexities of modern logistics and offer tailored intralogistics solutions to meet your individual needs.

Our comprehensive approach starts with a deep dive into your logistical challenges and business objectives. By focusing on complete intralogistics systems solutions, we ensure that our offerings align perfectly with your goals. From streamlining processes to optimising workflows, our team is committed to delivering solutions that drive tangible results

BG Sorter Compact

Complete and LOGISTICS Individual Solutions

BEUMER has a broad intralogistical product offering for the material handling and CEP industries, ranging from complete logistics solutions to individual applications.

Here is an overview of the processes and solutions we offer, click to navigate on this page:

Inbound Logistics solutions

Our inbound logistics solutions are designed to address the complexities of unloading parcels with precision and effectiveness for high-speed sortation and processing. .

Explore how our comprehensive approach to inbound logistics can empower your operations and push your business forward.


The Automatic Parcel Singulator transforms a bulk flow of parcels into a flow in which each parcel is uniformly separated, spaced and aligned before the in-feed to the automated induction of a high-speed loop sorter.

Sorters & Sortation Systems

Efficiency, flexibility and safe item handling in high-capacity automated sortation.

BG Sorter ET Tilt-Tray

Tilt tray conveyor

BG Line Sorter

Line Sorter

BG Sorter CB Cross-Belt

Order Picking

BG Pouch System

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