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Screw conveyor for inhomogeneous bulk materials

We develop screw conveyors to precisely supply the exact dosage of alternative fuels in the cement works and for the loading of ships in the port. Shredded car tyres, waste wood, textiles, paper and plastics - screw conveyors simplify the transportation of a wide variety of goods. The helical screw conveyor rotates in a U-shaped pan or tube, transporting the bulk materials out of the silos. With low failure susceptibility, low costs and a flexible screw pitch, makes the screw conveyor advantageous for short distances. Versions with double auger or with weighing capabilities can be adapted to suit your needs.

Screw conveyors for the cement industry

The production of cement requires very high temperatures. In order to reduce the coal and oil which are used as primary fuels to do this, manufacturers are increasingly using alternative fuels. The alternative fuels and raw materials (AFR) fuels include waste oil and liquid solvents. Also whole or shredded used tires, mixed plastics, textiles, composites and paper are used to fuel the main burners.

Make the handling of products with different bulk densities more efficient. We have developed a screw conveyor that keeps your material flowing constantly. The high-precision conveyance and the exact dosage of the refuse derived fuel (RDF) is achieved by additional weighing cells on the screw conveyor. All components (incl. center bearing) are also available in ATEX versions for when explosive substances are being moved, and that’s not all. With AFR Systems – our systems are complete for the receiving, unloading, storage, dosing and conveying of RDF – you get reliable conveying technology from a single source.


AFR Systems – Supply of alternative fuels

Would you like to use alternative fuels for your cement production? We set up the AFR Systems business segment specifically for the supply of alternative fuels. We develop and install the conveyor technology for the entire conveying length in your plant – from unloading, intermediate storage, dispensing, weighing and feeding the AFR into the incineration. Having just one contact person simplifies our communication and minimises conveyance errors.

The quality requirements for alternative fuels and raw materials include a minimum calorific value of 22,000 kilojoules per kilogram and a low heavy metal content. Recycling centers prepare construction waste and mineral production waste for clinker production. The particle size is 120 x 120 x 20 millimetres with a density of 100 kilograms per cubic meter and 30 percent moisture content.

Screw conveyors feed the processed fuel from the moving floor of the storage hall to the pipe conveyor. In the main burner building there is a dispensing system – an intermediate bunker with a volume of ten cubic meters, an activator, a double discharge screw conveyor and a weight dosage feeder. A pneumatic conveyor line with air injector and cellular wheel feeder completes the conveyor system.

BG OptiFeed dosage weighing auger - screw conveyor with weighing cells

When the trucks are unloaded, the materials fall into the BG OptiFeed auger weighing feeder with a capacity of 20 cubic meters. Designed as a panned auger conveyor or tubular screw conveyor, the auger continuously conveys flow of the material simultaneously dispensing the correct dosage. The screw conveyors are located directly on weighing cells, which determine the weight of the dosage at all times. The systems can be completely encapsulated (enclosed) so that dusty bulk material remains safely in the conveyor system. The material then passes on to a U-conveyor.

Double auger conveyors from the BG OptiLock series

The U-conveyor feeds the fuel onto a BG OptiLock series double extraction auger conveyor. The system solution includes an air lock that protects the combustion process from false air. BG OptiLock also sits on load weighing cells for weight control and transfers the RDF to a screw conveyor that feeds the calciner. Here an ATEX version with all of these components is also available.

Auger conveyors in port technology

Ship loader loads ship with urea / carbamide

The design of the conveyor technology for ship loading is determined by the characteristics of the bulk material to be loaded. Granular bulk goods such as ores or clinker are transported over conveyor belts and through vertical telescopic pipes before ending up in the cargo ship. As dust protection, the conveyor system is closed and equipped with filter systems. For the conveying of very fine-grained bulk materials in the boom, screw conveyors and pneumatic conveyors are also used.

Customer Support for Screw Conveyors

Competent engineering, fast and reliable on-site service as well as optimal spare parts supply round out our offering and ensure high reliability of the systems.

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