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Data Analytics

In today’s warehouse industry, distribution centres have access to enormous amounts of data. Understanding and working with these data are extremely valuable tools for improving the overall throughput of a distribution centre. The gathering and storage of data not only provides insight into the current performance of the system, but also allows for historical insight and analysis with larger data sets.

Gain Insight for High Efficiency and Throughput

Running an efficient distribution centre is an increasingly complicated task. With e-commerce on the rise, distribution centres handle a higher number of parcels and an increasing variety of sizes, shapes and packaging. All of which represents a golden opportunity for the industry, however, it also puts a strain on sortation systems.

The best and most cost-efficient strategy for distribution centres to thrive in an age of e-commerce is through digitalisation and data analytics. Data analytics improve your business by descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics for continuous optimisation of your performance. Through data comes a new level of insight, which gives the power to dramatically increase operational efficiency and throughput.


  • Predictive and prescriptive maintenance
  • Supporting operational decisions
  • Enabling data-driven asset management
  • Visualisations tailored for specific roles and/or focus areas
  • Moving from ‘What we think’ to ‘What we know’.

Sortation System Performance Insights

By use of today’s tools for big data mining, streamed data can be enriched and filtered to secure the quality of the data, which is aggregated and prepared for simple visualisation. This type of data mining not only provides insight into the current performance of a baggage handling system, but also enables the build-up of a historical record for future investigations and learnings across a number of systems.

Predictive and prescriptive

At BEUMER Group we have worked with data for a number of years and have used these learnings to extend our services to the predictive and prescriptive level. BEUMER’s digital capability offers a growing suite of data-driven services to enable employees at the maintenance, operational and management levels to make better informed decisions.

Beumer group’s suite of digital services

How to get started with digitalisation?
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