Ship loader for the mining industry

Entire port terminals or a single barge loader – we offer the complete range of required equipment for the mining industry. Besides the conveying technology, we can supply the ship loading technology best suited for your task, be that a quadrant-type ship loader, a travelling ship loader with luffing and slewing gear or a barge loader with a telescopic conveyor.

Ship Loader

Efficient loading of minerals onto ships

For fast ship turnaround, it is optimal for the ship to not be required to move during the loading process. That means that the ship loader must be able to reach the entire length of the ship. This can be achieved by either using quadrant ship loaders with telescopic conveyors or by putting a ship loader on rails, allowing the ship loader to travel along the ship.

To reach the complete width of the ship, either a telescopic boom or conveyor can be used or a slewing gear can be applied. Depending on the material, also a throw-off belt conveyor can be used. If the vertical movement of the ship (due to the loading process and the tide) is small enough, a vertically fixed boom can be applied; otherwise it is necessary that the boom of the ship loader can be lifted.


Our stacker, reclaimer and ship loader portfolio

Ship loader technology

The most common types of ship loaders are the stationary ship loader with telescopic boom, a ship loader with luffing and slewing gear and the ship loader with only a luffing gear. Due to space restrictions, it might be required that the ship loader is fed by a bucket elevator.

Depending on the material loaded, the standard troughed belt conveyor on the ship loader boom can also be replaced by a pneumatic conveying line or a screw conveyor.

Customer Support for the Mining Industry

Competent engineering, fast and reliable on-site service as well as optimal spare parts supply round out our offering and ensure high reliability of the systems.

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